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Nutrient Management

California Corn Fertilization Guidelines

FREP Corn Fertilization Guidelines
Corn Fertilization Guidelines, written by UC Davis scientists with funding provided by  Fertilizer Research and Education Program (FREP)

General Resources: Corn Fertilization

⇒ Nitrogen Management in Corn (PDF), by Marsha Campbell Mathews (2014) • This training covers grain and silage corn production on fields that are not part of a dairy operation. Dairy farming systems, which rely more heavily on manure N sources than non-dairy systems, must meet a more stringent N target.

⇒ Nitrogen Dynamics in Irrigated Forage Systems Fertilized with Liquid Dairy Manure (PDF), by Daniel Geissler, et al. (2012) • Optimal manure management that ensures adequate crop nutrition while avoiding pollution problems requires estimates of manure N availability. The present study was performed in the San Joaquin Valley (California) on three dairy forage production fields where liquid manure is applied together with flood irrigation water.

Nitrogen Management Training for Certified Crop Advisors • The University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, with support from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Fertilizer Research and Education Program, has developed training program aimed at helping growers to develop efficient nitrogen management practices.

Dairy lagoon water versus anhydrous ammonia for corn silage production and soil nitrogen management (PDF), by Roland Meyer, et al. (2001) • Environmentally sustainable management of dairies is critical to the economic health of California's agriculture. The current project focuses on understanding the link between dairy waste management and shallow groundwater quality, and on developing improved dairy waste management methods that will ensure that impacts on groundwater quality are minimized. 

Matching Dairy Lagoon Nutrient Application To Crop Nitrogen Uptake Using A Flow Meter And Control Valve (PDF), by Marsha Campbell Mathews, et al. (2001) • A system has been developed to apply targeted application rates of diluted manure nitrogen onto cropland through an irrigation system by using a control valve in conjunction with a flow meter and quick test for nitrogen.  

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